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‘The Calling Window’, Romsey Abbey, Hampshire

Display No. 4

On 17th May 2020 Romsey Abbey dedicates a new Florence Nightingale stained-glass window. This window celebrates her vision in which she was “called to service” by God in 1837.

The artist, Sophie Hacker said: “This modest Hampshire woman went on to have a global impact on many aspects of social care, health, sanitation, and nursing.

Romsey played an important part in Nightingale’s life, where she met with friends, shopped and socialised with her family, and where her political interests developed. She cared deeply about and worked to improve, the well-being of its residents throughout her life.

Romsey Abbey, one of the finest, most beautiful and significant churches in the diocese and county, is a fitting and historically appropriate location to honour a woman of such international significance.”

Romsey Abbey 

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Nightingale is respected worldwide for her pioneering role in developing the nursing profession, her statistical work, and her evidence-based approach to healthcare. In honour of her bicentenary the World Health Organisation have named 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

In our special exhibition, you will find out about objects, people and places which tell interesting stories about Florence’s life and legacy. You’ll discover artefacts from her life, people she both inspired and challenged, and places she helped to shape. There’s many more insights too!

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