Enquiries and Research

If you have an enquiry about the museum’s collection, please contact our Collections Officer or submit an enquiry here: Contact Us

Following the pandemic the Florence Nightingale Museum has undergone a restructure which has reduced the number of staff. This unfortunately means that we have reduced capacity to answer enquiries.

Please note we may take up to 6 weeks to respond to enquiries.

Useful Resources for Research

We unfortunately do not hold any information on nurse training or service records as part of our collections, please see some of our partner organisations who would be better suited to assist with your enquiries:

London Metropolitan Archive (LMA) Our archive collection is held at the London Metropolitan Archives. This includes all records of the Nightingale Training School. Please contact the London Metropolitan Archives directly for any queries relating to our archives.


Royal College of Nurses (RCN) Library & Archives Holds documents relating to the History of Nursing and the history of the RCN.


British Red Cross Museum & Archives https://www.redcross.org.uk/about-us/our-history/museum-and-archives
Wellcome Collection Museum and library dedicated to exploring health and human experience


National Army Museum (NAM) NAM holds collections relating to the British army up to the modern day, including objects related to Nightingale.


National Archives Useful resources on researching ancestors who were doctors or nurses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the Florence Nightingale Museum, we hold the Register of Nurses sent to the Military Hospitals in the East. This is a list of all the nurses who worked in the hospitals.

You can download a transcript of the Register here.

Our archive relating to the Nightingale Training School is held at the London Metropolitan Archives. In order to access these, you will need to contact the London Metropolitan Archives directly.

You can search the archives here.