Images & Filming

License Images

License high quality images from our rich collection about Florence Nightingale and the history of nursing and medicine.

Please provide the following information to make sure your order is managed efficiently:

  • Title/Author (if applicable)
  • Publisher/Producer/Broadcaster
  • Date of publication/release
  • Print run/number of units
  • Image size and position e.g. 1/4 page, full screen, front cover, inside
  • Languages/territorial distribution
  • Digital rights – format details and licence period required
  • How many images you would like to license


The Florence Nightingale Museum welcomes professional filming and photo shoots. Charges will vary according to your project’s requirements. It is important to make firm arrangements in advance so that we can work around our busy schedule and to help you achieve your goals.

For more information on image rights and filming please contact us

Inside the Museum gallery. Empty of visitors, wooden glass-fronted cases display various collection objects.

Southbank location

Make the most of our location on screen! We welcome filming requests whether you’re making a film, a documentary, an advert, a news programme, a product launch or video shoot.

Our team can help guide you through every stage of the process, from site visit through to supporting and managing your filming day.