Meet Florence Nightingale at Cromford Mills

Florence Nightingale: A Living Portrait

Casting a different light on Florence Nightingale.

Saturday 27th July – 31st October 2024 at Cromford Mills.

In this exhibition at Cromford Mills we invite you to delve into the multifaceted persona of Florence Nightingale. Rather than confining her essence to a singular definition, explore her complex character and the profound impact that her iconic image has had throughout history. See Nightingale through her own eyes and learn about how others have told and retold her story shaping the iconic figure whose influence can still be felt today.

Visitors will be led through visual and tactile interactions to learn new facets of Florence Nightingale they may not have heard before. The exhibit will reveal a personal and fluid understanding of history that traces the impact of Florence Nightingale across time.

The exhibition is on site at Cromford Mills where Nightingale’s Great Uncle Peter once helped to finance Arkwright’s world changing vision. Having enjoyed the exhibition there is plenty to do at Cromford Mills, take a guided tour of the site, enjoy the Arkwright experience, see our newly installed water wheel and immerse yourself in the surrounding landscape, the beautiful rural area that Nightingale knew and loved. Find out more about what’s on offer at Cromford Mills here.

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