Higher Education

We welcome Higher Education student groups for self-guided visits. Book a sit-down talk to enhance your visit!

Our Higher Education offer allows students to investigate who Florence Nightingale was and what she did for nursing and healthcare. They are able to discover who the real person was and deepen their understanding of Florence’s achievements, moving beyond the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ legend.

To provide an extra level of safety, the Museum is offering learning programming to educational institutions on days that we’re closed to the public: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can therefore have exclusive access to the Museum and can book time to have a self-guided visit and meet Miss Nightingale! Depending on your group size, you could also book one of our timed 75 min slots on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a self-guided visit. Please note that these slots can accommodate 15 people maximum.

If you choose to book a visit on one of the days that we’re closed to the public, we can welcome larger groups or ‘bubbles’. We’d recommend also booking a talk to enhance your self-guided visit. The following prices are additional to the cost of admission:

Sit-Down Talk with Director of Learning Florence Nightingale Performance
35 people max 40 people max
35-40 minutes 40-45 minutes
£80 £110

If you’re not able to visit the Museum in person, we can provide a live Zoom lecture on Nightingale’s life and legacy with a virtual tour of the Museum’s star collection items – either delivered by a senior member of staff or Miss Nightingale herself!

Live Zoom Talk with Director of Learning: £80 for  35-40min.

Live Zoom Talk with Florence Nightingale: £ 120 for 35-40min

To book, please contact us with the details of your group and your preferred dates, as well as the type of visit you would like.

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Museum Shop

Don’t forget to make time to visit the shop as part of your school trip. We have a wide range of  items for you to take home as a souvenir of your visit.

Risk Assessment Guidance

Our risk assessment guidance is available to download here. A pre-visit is recommended so that a risk-assessment can be carried out by the lead teachers.

Risk Assessment Guidance