Join us for a special free online talk about the Flying Nightingale’s.

There are many heroic tales from the Second World War. The story of Jack Banks, arguably the youngest serving soldier to die as a result of enemy action during WWII, who had just turned 16 a few days before dying of injuries sustained whilst taking down a German gun battery. Or of the Niland brothers who inspired the film Saving Private Ryan.

There are very few tales however of the heroism displayed by those who didn’t pick up a weapon.

The Flying Nightingales have little mention in history, surprising considering over 100,000 men were transported by air, safely to the UK.

Mrs. Kara Neave, author of A Nightingale Flew, will talk on this group of extraordinary women, with real life stories and experiences from those who were actually there.

This talk will be conducted via Zoom at 10:00am on the 15th of June.

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Saturday 15th of June


10:00am – Online Zoom Event


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