Nightingale in 200 Objects, People & Places

In her bicentenary year the Museum celebrated the life and legacy of the lesser known aspects of Nightingale’s life with a new exhibition. She is well known as a nurse, but she was also a female icon in her own lifetime, a healthcare pioneer, statistician and leader. You can still see this interesting exhibit so come along to discover more about one of Britain’s greatest female trailblazers!

You’ll find numerous objects and people that influenced Nightingale’s career – and the people who she in turn inspired – and you can see the original lamp she carried in the Crimean War, her (much used!) writing case, her copy of Oliver Twist (Dickens was a friend who sent supplies to Scutari) and a family album containing unseen sketches of Florence and the Nightingale family. As well as objects that you might expect to see, visitors will also discover the unexpected; a Nightingale Barbie by Mattel as part of their Inspiring Women range; Nightingale’s walk-on part in the computer game Assassin’s Creed and the reference to her in Back To The Future.

The exhibition is included in museum entry price.

Key Details

Bicentenary Exhibition

Free with paid museum admission

Online Exhibition

You can also view the exhibition online. Click the link below to start exploring.