Gillian Taylor

Gillian commenced her nursing journey in 1982, becoming an early graduate nurse of University of Edinburgh in 1987.  She enjoyed a rewarding and varied career, including dual qualification as a midwife, with her true passions being community nursing and practice learning.

In 2001, she obtained a BSc in Community Health Nursing from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University also being awarded a Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland prize for the most outstanding student.

Gillian was always an advocate for student nurse and midwife education and also enjoyed time as a nurse lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, 2013-2017, completing her MSc in Advanced Practice (Applied Education and Nursing).

Gillian has completed her nursing journey in 2022 as the first Scottish Strategic Lead for Practice Learning developing this role into a sustainable model for Scotland during the 2020-2021 CoVid-19 pandemic.  Hugely creative, compassionate and innovative, Gillian’s contribution to improving practice learning in Scotland has been instrumental in supporting our future colleagues during their nursing studies.

Thank you for everything you have done Gillian, you are an amazing role model, your passion for nursing and midwifery education is inspiring and infectious!  Wishing you all the very best in your retirement!