Debra Avallone RN MSN

I first met Debbie in 1997 at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago Lying In, where she worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Obstetrics. Debbie chose to work in an area of the United States that has a high infant mortality rate. Debbie cared for the sicked moms to be and became a Certified Diabetes Educator. Debbie moved back to work at a high-risk obstetric unit and clinic in the Cleveland Ohio area in 2000.

Debbie continues to work with high-risk pregnant women with diabetes. She has developed programs for educating women about managing diabetes in pregnancy and plans treatment along with a team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physicians. Debbie is very professional, conscientious, and kind to everyone, and takes pride in the outstanding care she provides to high-risk pregnant patients in the Cleveland area. Debbie is an excellent nurse and a blessing to have as a friend.

Nominated by Barbara Meagher.