Sue Bradley

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Sue Bradley to be entered into the Florence Nightingale Book of Honour for her service to the nursing profession. After being inspired by Florence at an early age, Sue began her nursing career, immediately showing commitment, devotion and dedication to not just the varied roles she held and to the patients in her care, but also to her colleagues too.

Her extensive experience, when mixed with her strength of character, desire to make a difference and warm, caring personality have helped to create and shape a professional (and may I add phenomenal) nurse that the service needs to both recognise and be proud of. The last few years have seen Sue work as a Specialist Community Nurse within a Respiratory Unit in Shropshire. Utilising both her long standing medical experience, and as importantly her interpersonal skills, to care, nurture, educate and advise patients with chronic respiratory disease-and where ever possible promote culture change to create a longer, and hopefully more contented life for her patients. Her work is always progressive, and with the thoughts and care of her patients at the forefront of her mind, and is always actioned with her trademark and infectious smile.

Outside of work, but still in the industry, Sue also shows impeccable drive and passion as well, lobbying both government and educational establishments to create awareness for a medical condition that is very close to her heart. Her devotion and motivation to impact her specific part of the world is something that anyone, even outside the industry, can draw inspiration from! Your patients and peers salute you Sue Bradley, there is no one more deserved to feature in this Book of Honour.

Nominated by Matt Meadows – 2017