Rachel Romo

Nursing is a gift from God. It is a privilege and an honour to be given the grace to heal those entrusted to one’s care. From the very beginning, I was destined for this challenging task.  Coming into this world, I was named Rafaela, which means “God has healed.”  God had laid the path before me, which I embraced wholeheartedly.  As I grew, my parents noticed my interest in nursing and bought me my first nursing kit at the age of 7.  My heart leaped with joy as I saw the thermometer, the stethoscope, and band aids inside of a nursing bag purchased just for me.

It wasn’t enough to play the part of a nurse, but rather to become one, which was my ultimate dream.  I had to begin somewhere.  I was a Candy Striper (Hospital Volunteer) during my high school years.  I was also enrolled in the Regional Occupational Program’s Certified Nursing Assistant course, which was my introduction to assisting patients with activities of daily living.  It was more than a class.  It was a calling to serve those from all walks of life.  The suffering I witnessed and the tears I saw fall, left an indelible mark on my heart.  All that was crying from my heart as I gazed up to heaven was “Here I am, Send me.” (Isaiah 6:8).  He did send me, and I followed with no hesitation.

My crowning glory finally came when I graduated college and passed the state licensure exam, finally becoming a Registered Nurse.  All of the hopes and dreams of a lifetime were realised in a single moment.  That single moment would be the steppingstone to years of service which took me from a skills nursing facility to a hospital, and finally to a home health agency, where I am currently the Assistant Director of Patient Services and RN Lead.  I am also Wound Care Certified (WCC).  Nursing has been my calling, my love, and my passion.  I don’t take any day for granted.  If I had the opportunity to choose it again, I would cry out as I did in the beginning, “Here I am, Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

Rachel Romo, RN, WCC