Monstse Pérez Hinarejos

Monstse Pérez Hinarejos is a Head Nurse at Hopital Germans and Trias in Barcelona, Spain. She has been a nurse for more than 30 years and she has always tried to avoid that her patients had pain. She has been in charge of Pain Unit for more than 10 years now.
She is well known for working and improving the clinical map for the management of acute post-operative pain. The Pain Map is an instrument integrated in the “Business Objects” (BO) system which maps the hospital according to the values of pain measured with the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) or the Verbal Numeric Rating Scale (VNRS). The Pain Map allows simultaneous and real-time visualization of the values of VAS for all of the patients in the hospital.

The Pain Map has received various awards at the Conference for the Spanish Society of Pain in 2017 and at the National Conference for the Spanish Association of Nurses of Anesthesia-Resuscitation and Pain Therapy in 2017

And that’s why we would like to nominate her to be in the Book of Honour.

Her brother Raúl, sister in law María , her daughter Irene and her son David.