Monica Carlson

Monica is a dear friend and colleague. She began her career within healthcare in 1974 when she was 16 years old. Monica started her CRN training in 1982. After passing her exams 1983 at the Kevingegårds College of Nursing in Danderyd (Stockholm, Sweden) she started working with geriatric care at the Blackebergs Hospital in Stockholm. After four years she moved on and started working at Rigshospitalet in Oslo, Norway between 1987 and 1989. This time on an ophthalmic ward. But the best part of her career, she has worked night shifts at the Cardiac ICU at the Huddinge Hospital. She is highly skilled at resuscitation and intensive care nursing and has saved many lives using her profound knowledge and intuition. Monica is passionate about the art of nursing, she is courageous and empowering, always striving for what is in the best interest of her patients, and she has never been afraid to question routines and decision making.  Her pursuit of excellence, fairness, and equality for all her patients and coworkers has been her strength and leading star when giving care. Monica is a true professional and a perfect role model of an excellent nurse. She therefore deserves to be honoured as an amazing nurse with a huge loving heart.