Sister Maureen Chudzynski SRN


Maureen (AKA Moe, Mosy, Mummy and Nana) began her nurse training in 1965 at Guys Hospital when she was eighteen.  She trained at Guys as a special registered nurse between 1965 and 1969, obtaining her Guys Hospital Badge and specialising in theatre nursing.

Following her training, Maureen was employed by John Bell & Croydon, where she sold hospital equipment and medical supplies.  She then worked as a dental nurse for a year, helping a dear friend in his dental practice.

At this time, Maureen lived in Wandsworth in London and she ran the Wandsworth Chest Clinic for four years. She looked after TB and asthmatic patients as well as those with bronchitis and other serious chest conditions. She was also responsible for the administration of the BCG vaccine in the area.

Maureen left nursing in 1974, when the first of her children was born.  Mother of three energetic and sporty boys, Michael, Nicholas and Richard, all born between 1974 and 1978, she was very busy and put her nursing skills to good use dealing with their bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes and broken bones and sprains.

Maureen formally returned to nursing in 2005, when she retrained as a general registered nurse at Kings College London.  She nursed private patients for five years.

In 2011 the first of Maureen’s seven grandchildren was born. She is now the proud grandmother of Alice, Ollie, Danny, Sophie, Aoife, Alfie and Thomas. She continues to be our family nurse, always there for us with helpful advice from afar or hands on treatment for wobbly teeth, bloody knees, upset tummies, aches and pains, at all times, day or night.

Maureen also helps her dear friends in their times of need.  A phone call away, she is the first to dash over to be with them. She nurses them as she does us, holding hands and making them feel better with her care, soothing words and gentle touch.

Maureen is a nurse in the truest sense of the word.  She never stops looking after those in need.  We are extremely proud of her and are so lucky to have her, that is why we believe that she deserves a place in the Florence Nightingale Book of Honour.

With much love from your proud family xo