Liz Manning

Liz Manning was born in St. Helens. She trained at Treliske in Cornwall where she met her husband Stuart (also a registered nurse) and has been a registered nurse since 1987. She has been a registered nurse in New Zealand for over 25 years. She has worked in various roles moving from cardiology to non-clinical roles including Associate Director of Nursing at Waitemata District Health Board. During this time, she also earned a PG Cert in Leadership in Health and a Master of Philosophy in Nursing. Since 2014 Liz has been working as a self-employed nurse, the owner and director of Kynance Consulting Ltd. doing project management work and playing a key role in setting up e-portfolios in New Zealand. Liz is on the board of the Nursing Council working to elevate the role of nursing and nurses in New Zealand. Liz is currently studying to attain a PhD in Self-Employed Nursing in New Zealand in which she is looking at what it is to be a nurse, what the scope of practise is for nursing, and how women and feminism affects nursing.

Florence has been a role model of Liz’s for a long time as she was a strong woman who took on the role of a leader to improve patient care and to elevate nurses on a professional level. Florence Nightingale did some of her most prolific work at a desk and was a pioneer in the field of self-employed non clinical nursing.