Universities and Higher Education

Students in higher education can visit the museum on a self-guided visit. If you would like to book a group visit to the museum please see our Group visits page.

Talks and tours

HE groups can either book a talk or a guided tour of the museum by a member of staff.
Talks and tours can be tailored to fit group’s requirements. Please discuss your requirements when booking.

For enquiries and bookings please email Kristin@florence-nightingale.co.uk or call 020 7188 4440.

How does knowledge grow?

Sometimes it begins with one insight and grows into many branches; other times it grows as a complex and interconnected network. Infographics expert Manuel Lima explores the thousand-year history of mapping data — from languages to dynasties — using trees and networks of information. It's a fascinating history of visualizations, and a look into humanity's urge to map what we know. Visit a visual history of human knowledge website