Jerrilee LaMar, PhD, MSN, CNE

Dr. Jerrilee LaMar is a nurse from Southern Indiana in the United States. Jerrilee’s legacy as a nurse spans over several years and continents. From leading an outreach program in Jamaica to accompanying students abroad to Europe, she has left her mark on several places and people. 
Jerrilee received her Bachelor of Science of Nursing from the University of Southern Indiana and her Masters of Science of Nursing from the University of Evansville (UE). UE has a strong connection to England through their sister campus, Harlaxton College. Not only did Jerrilee attend Harlaxton as a nursing student, but she later went on to serve as a nursing instructor to students from UE studying abroad. During these semesters, Jerrilee left no stone unturned when it came to exploring and learning. Among the places visited were: the village of Eyam, a children’s hospice, a respite home, hospitals in different cities of England, and of course the Florence Nightingale Museum. It was here she introduced her students to not just “Florence the Nurse,” but “Florence the Gardener,” “Florence the Daughter,” “Florence the Patient.” Walking away from the excursion, her students could not help but observe qualities in Florence that aligned with their beloved professor. 
Like Florence, Jerrilee is a fierce advocate for her patients and students. She is unafraid to challenge those whose actions are deemed unsafe or unjust. She is the calm in the storm and the voice of reason to the illogical. She also has an inspiring sense of adventure. While mirroring these qualities may not have been intentional, Jerrilee supports the mentality “What Would Florence Do?” and encourages her students to do the same.
Apart from dedicating her life to nursing, Jerrilee lives on a farm where she devotes her remaining time to her animals and business, The Artisan Homestead. Her resourcefulness and respect for gifts of nature are reminiscent of Florence’s inquiry regarding the healing properties of plants and herbs. 
Jerrilee has written for multiple nursing textbooks, served as a faculty advisor for the university’s professional student nurse organization, and served as a member of the executive committee of the University of Evansville Faculty Senate.  She is a leader in every sense of the word. She models superior nursing practice for her students by teaching practical skills and how to be a healthcare advocate outside the hospital. 

Jerilee, your commitment to nursing education and patient safety deserve recognition and admiration. Every student to walk through your classroom is a better nurse because of you.  

Love from: Morgan Lima and Erin Klein