Jan Rogers Johnson

Celebrating the retirement of our friend, colleague and mentor after 42 years in nursing at Atrium Health

Jan Johnson is a beloved nurse, educator and mentor who retired in July 2021 after a 42-year career at Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC (United States). A proud graduate of Clemson University, Jan started as a new graduate nurse at Charlotte Memorial Hospital in oncology. Her dream was to work in labor and delivery, and one of her best stories is how her nursing cap got her that first L&D job! Jan is everything a labor and delivery nurse should be – incredibly smart, kind, calm and always willing to teach and mentor.

Jan is a role model for lifelong learning. After 26 years in L&D, she transitioned to nursing education and earned a Master’s of Science in Nursing as well as certification in Nursing Professional Development. Along the way she has supported and mentored countless nurses.

Jan also raised a beautiful family with her husband and is now a grandmother (or “Love” as they call her) of two. She loves to travel and has even visited the Nightingale Museum! Florence would be proud of her amazing career.

Thank you, Jan! With love from your Atrium Health NPD family