Geraldine Brady RGN, RM, PgCert in Higher Education

Geraldine started her training in General nursing in the Richmond Hospital, Dublin in 1977. She completed a midwifery course thereafter. However,  the call to Critical Care and cardiology became so strong that after a short stint in ICU, Geraldine moved to the Cardiac Coronary Unit (CCU) in Edinburgh in which her career truly blossomed.

Geraldine’s passion grew in clinical education and she played a pivotal role in the development of the BSC in Cardiac Nursing and the Specialist Practitioner Qualification Award in NHS Lothian.

Geraldine led training days on the management of central vascular access devices, 12 Lead ECG training and aseptic non touch technique. Her impact on service improvement and clinical safety is second to none.

Overall, Geraldine has worked tirelessly on improving the care of patients and her efforts have been appreciated by all learners throughout NHS Lothian. The standards of perfection that Geraldine has put into all guidelines and training programmes will remain a benchmark for us all.

A truly inspirational nurse, clinical educator, colleague and friend to healthcare improvement.

We wish Geraldine well on her retirement in 2022.