Ffion McGregor

Ffion is one of the most hardworking, dedicated nurses I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even through the highs and the lows of nursing, she gives her all to her work. A friendly face any patient is lucky to be met with, and is willing to help anybody. Her big heart allows her to work with great care and empathy.

She is strong enough to endure any challenge both her job and her life throws her way and is skilled to handle every situation with care and compassion.

  • “Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses. We must be learning all of our lives.” – Florence Nightingale

Ffion stays dedicated to her work consistently and cares deeply about all those with whom she crosses paths. Every day of her career is spent not only developing her knowledge about her job, but of people and of life. The way she braves the lows of the job is tremendously admirable and there is truly nothing I don’t believe she is capable of. She is the perfect example of what a nurse should be and is the embodiment of a nurse that should be honoured, today, and every day that follows.

It would not only be a pleasure but an honour to have a nurse like Ffion care for me in a time of need, and I can only hope that should the moment come, a nurse like Ffion is who cares for me. She shows class, dignity and above all care, and intelligence. She sets a very high standard for nurses, and the NHS is beyond lucky to have her.

I am an eternally proud sister to a brilliant nurse, and I can only hope the legacy she is setting for herself is recognised and honoured the way she deserves.