Elena Stempovscaia

Mrs. Elena Stempovscaia, born on August 17, 1948, in the village of Zastânca, Soroca district into a farming family. In 1966, she graduated from high school and was enrolled in the medical school in the city of Soroca. Her education:

1968 – 1970: Soroca Medical College

1980 – 1985: “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University

1997 – 2000: Doctoral studies, “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University

2000 – 2003: International Nursing Institute with the support of the American Alliance in Medicine

She began her professional career as a nurse at the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital in Chișinău in 1970. From 1976 to 2019, she worked as the head nurse at Municipal Clinical Hospital Nr. 4, Chișinău. University professor at “N. Testemițanu” State University of Medicine (2002-2005); “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University (2004-present); International Institute of Management and Public Health (1991-2005). Member of the Executive Committee of the United States Chief Nurses Association; Project director; Project coordinator. She worked as an expert at the World Health Organization in developing the Family Health Care Curriculum. Temporary WHO expert:

1998 – Spain, Family Medicine

1999 – Finland, Health-21 2000 – Germany, Munich Declaration

2003 – Madrid, Family Care

2004 – Glasgow, Family Care

Mrs. Elena Stempovscaia actively contributed to the implementation of several home care and palliative care service.

As a result of these projects and successful models, these services were approved by the Moldovan Government, Ministry of Health, and adopted for contracting by the Health Insurance Company. Currently, these services are implemented throughout the country. She participated in such projects as: “LEMON” (WHO) 1999, “Leadership and Management,” AIHA, 1999, “Establishment of the Health and Home Care Education Center,” Cordaid, Netherlands, 1999. She is a person who harmoniously combines the most beautiful qualities as agility, strength, talent, kindness, skills, and abilities. All these together form Mrs. Elena’s talent, helping her to act in a great variety of situations, to understand people, and to help them help themselves.

She is the founder and President of the Nursing Association of the Republic of Moldova, a non-political organization established in 1994 that is still active today. As the President of Association, she represented the Association at the International Council of Nurses; European Federation of Nurses Associations; European Forum of Nursing Associations; World Health Organization, and others. For the first time, Mrs. Elena Stempovscaia managed to organize a ward of Palliative Care for patients with progressive and incurable diseases. From 1996, for 16 years, she served as the Nursing Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova. Through her activities, she actively participated in the implementation of several new concepts.

She is the author of 20 scientific papers, publications, and professional articles. She has received such awards as: Eminence of Health Protection, “Civic Merit” Medal; “Gloria Muncii” Order; Sigma Theta – Thau Honorary Society Badge; Honorary Title – Person of the Year 2016 in the “Nursing Pioneering” category; Diplomas of Excellence. The nature of her profession and her responsibilities have led her to encounter a great diversity of people, and to all of these, numerous symposia, exchange of experiences, national and international conferences have been added. These events that have unfolded over decades have facilitated her understanding of a wide range of people, professions, characters, behaviors, degrees of culture and civilization, lifestyles, ways of thinking, and actions.

This has enabled her to accumulate vast experience in understanding people and finding the most suitable and effective courses of action, to live among them within reasonable limits. Mrs. Elena is a happy person because to be happy, one must love and live in the hearts of other people.

Wishing her many more fruitful years ahead!