Dr. Helen Horgan, GP in Weston-super-Mare

Dr. Helen Horgan had been a GP in Weston-super-Mare and had worked in the Oncology unit at Weston General Hospital prior to becoming the full-time permanent clinician on the in-patient unit at Weston Hospice care.

I first met Dr. Horgan when I joined the nursing team at the hospice in June 2004. Through the course of my 33-year career Dr. Horgan is the one person who made the utmost of impacts on myself as both an individual and a professional. Her happy disposition along with her soft Irish lilt was such a voice of calm in a sometimes-challenging environment.

I was able to observe her total compassion & dedication on a daily basis & learned at every encounter from her utmost professionalism. I was always aware that the hospice setting was such a privileged place in which to work but seeing Dr. Horgan’s beautiful soul bring such peace & dignity to so many I felt incredibly compelled to request that she be entered into the Florence Nightingale Book of Honour.

I would also like to say that I know these are the thoughts & feelings of many of the professionals, patients & their families who have had the privilege of knowing Helen.