Diana Ruth Schofield

Di started her training in 1985 at Mount Vernon, Hillingdon and Harefield hospitals. She moved to St Helier Hospital in Carshalton as a RN from 1991-2000 when she joined the Royal Marsden Hospital. She worked in Nuclear Medicine department before moving to the Medical Day Unit (chemotherapy unit) where she was a SSN and then the role of Sister, MDU.

Di is an inspirational leader who has over the years gained a reputation for delivering the highest standards of care on her unit. She has won staff achievement awards and a CQC rated excellence for the unit she manages.  Di is a kind and considerate manager who has an open-door policy which means that staff feel listened to and cared for. Di demonstrates a professional attitude to everything that she does and is trustworthy and authentic. She helps create a learning environment and her unit won the best student placement award which she is very proud of. Di embodies everything that is great about nursing, and she is respected by all who know her. Di has decided to change her role on the MDU and we wanted to pay tribute to her hard work, loyalty and awesome leadership over the years. She is much loved by all of the MDU team. Good luck Di.