Catherine Hunter

Catherine Hunter qualified as a nurse as part of the final set of nursing students who started their training at the Nightingale School of Nursing at St Thomas’s Hospital in 1992.

Catherine worked for a year on the Lane Fox Unit at St Thomas’s hospital, before travelling to Australia.  She had a great experience in Australia, including working as a remote area nurse on a tropical island.

On returning to the UK Catherine settled in Brighton.  Catherine worked for 15 years as a sister on an in-patient oncology ward.

For the last 5 years she has worked as a clinical research nurse running oncology clinical trials.

2020 has changed many things, my job has evolved and now includes Covid-19 research.

Catherine caught Covid-19 in April with only mild symptoms.

Little did she know when she started her training that she would be nursing in the NHS 28 years later through a global pandemic.

Catherine has enjoyed her career in nursing, she loves the insight into human nature.

Catherine is still in contact with her friends who she trained with.  She has always been well supported by family and friends.

This entry has been kindly nominated by her brother Ian Hunter and his family.