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All postcard backs have the Museum logo, and space to write a message and an address.

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  • Florence’s Turkish lantern, or Fanoos, that was used by her during the Crimean War, giving rise to the legend of “the Lady with the Lamp”.
  • Florence’s medicine chest which she took to the Crimean War.
  • Pencil and wash drawing of Florence and Marianne Nicholson by Parthenope Nightingale
  • Florence’s ‘coxcomb’ from her report Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency and Hospital Administration of the British Army, visually displaying the data she collected that showed more British troops died of disease during the Crimean War than in battle.
  • Florence Nightingale with Nightingale Training School Probationers in 1886 at Claydon House
  • Florence aged 87, just a few years before she died.
  • Pencil drawing with wash of Florence by an unknown artist and unknown date.
  • “The Great Military Hospital at Scutari” by Thomas Packer, printed by Stannard and Dixon, 24th February 1855.
  • Athena the Owl
  • Mary Seacole


If you can’t decide which one to get, then you can buy a set of six for the price of five!


All shop sales support the Florence Nightingale Museum, a registered charity, and its work.

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Florence Portrait, Mary Seacole, Fanoos, Medicine Chest, Ward Scene, Florence's Coxcomb Chart, Set of 6, Water Colour Portrait, Training School Probationers, Florence aged 87, Pencil Drawing of Florence, Athena the Owl, "The Great Military Hospital at Scutari", Florence & Marianne Nicholson, 1830


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