Your page in the Book of Honour

florence-nightingale-museum-book-of-honourDo you know a nurse who would like to be remembered on a page in the Florence Nightingale’s Book of Honour? Or would you like to commemorate your own nursing career?

For a donation of £50, we will place your words, photos and images in the Book to be kept in the museum forever, as a record of the incredible stories of nursing.

Each page is 30cm x 24cm (landscape).

Your donation will help us to care for the museum collection and continue in our work in celebrating nursing, past and present.

To discuss your requirements, please either:
Email (we would be ever so grateful if you could write 'Book of Honour' in the subject line)
or call 020 7188 4400.

It's One Way of Helping (1972)

A nursing recruitment film aimed at school-leavers, demonstrating the broad field careers open to nurses once they have become qualified. Nurses in every sphere of the nursing service, from children's nursing to geriatric nursing, are shown at work, with their own voices forming the commentary of the film. This video was made from material preserved by the BFI National Archive.