Wall of Honour – say thank you to someone who has inspired you

We all need inspiration to help us through life, and Florence Nightingale inspired thousands of women and men to follow in her footsteps. We are inviting nominations for the museum’s Wall of Honour where you can honour someone who has inspired you or mark your own personal support for the museum.

The Wall of Honour is located in a museum’s reception area and welcomes all visitors to the museum. By supporting this project, you may choose a person to remember and ensure their name is featured on the Wall. You can remember anyone who has played an important role in your life, including relatives, friends, a nurse or carer, a teacher or professor, someone who has influenced your career or someone you admire. You can recognise the support of someone who is working, retired or who has passed away. Alternatively, you can celebrate your own contribution to the museum.

Your charitable donation will help us care for the museum’s collection and ensure that future generations have the chance to learn about Florence Nightingale and her achievements.

You will be recognised as a Patron and invited with your family to a special event to unveil your addition to the Wall of Honour. The invitation will be also be extended to the person you have remembered, if applicable.

To discuss your requirements, contact:
Kristin Buhnemann
Email kristin@florence-nightingale.co.uk
or call 020 7188 4400

Mary Lewis, Student Nurse (1961)

The story of a young girl's three years' training to become a State Registered Nurse in London. This video was made from material preserved by the BFI National Archive.