Florence Nightingale at First Hand


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Florence Nightingale is one of the most famous figures in modern history. Yet much of what we know of her emanates from unreliable second-hand accounts and from a mid-reading of the primary sources.?Florence Nightingale at First Hand,?by Lynn McDonald, editor of Nightingale?s Collected Works and the world?s foremost Nightingale authority, aims to put this right. This is a book that reports what Florence Nightingale said and did, based on her writing, of which a massive amount survives, scattered in over two hundred archives throughout the world. Published to commemorate the centenary of Nightingale?s death, McDonald?s study presents a Florence Nightingale for the twenty-first century, as an author of great style and wit, a systems thinker and pioneering public health reformer – the heroine and nurse were only the start.


All shop sales support the Florence Nightingale Museum, a registered charity, and its work.?

6 in stock


Paperback copy of?Florence Nightingale at First Hand?by Lynn McDonald.

ISBN: 9781441132550


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