Florence and the Mishchievous Kitten


Scamp is a tiny escaped house kitten. Beth is the young girl who finds him lost in the middle of London.

When Beth discovers that the kitten belongs to the famous Miss Florence Nightingale, an unlikely friendship begins between the great lady, her mischievous pet, and the penniless Beth.

Then Beth’s sister Iris is struck down with a terrible illness and everyone blames the dreadful conditions at the factory where she works. And with Beth set to follow in her sister’s footsteps as a factory worker, it’s not only Iris’s fate that hangs in the balance…

With the help of Beth’s new friends, can the sisters build themselves a different future?


All shop sales support the Florence Nightingale Museum, a registered charity , and its work. 

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Paperback copy of Florence and the Mischievous Kitten by Megan Rix.

ISBN: 9780241369128

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