How Clean is Your Beard?

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  We’re all familiar with Roald Dahl’s famous grizzly depiction of Mr Twit and his horrifically dirty face fungus but are beards really unhygienic? We’ve been asking visitors to the exhibition to answer this question and it seems that the … Read More

Making Santa’s beard

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Christmas may be slowly fading into distant memory now that the mince pies and turkey leftovers have finally been digested, but before we move on from St Nicholas to St Valentine there’s one yuletide event to reflect on. Just before … Read More

Bluebeard: the panto

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Last week saw two evening openings for performances of our hirsute panto Bluebeard, bringing the bright lights of the stage to the museum world. Audience members were given a party popper and songsheet as they entered the gallery and were … Read More

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