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Our blog takes you behind the scenes at the Florence Nightingale Museum, giving fresh insight on everything from discoveries new and old in our collection, to exhibitions, events and learning initiatives.

You’ll be hearing from a variety of Museum staff and volunteers as well as guest curators, academics, artists and even members of the public who want to share their experiences at the Museum. If you would like to get in touch about guest blogging or have any questions relating to the blog please email Holly Carter-Chappell

How Clean is Your Beard?

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  We’re all familiar with Roald Dahl’s famous grizzly depiction of Mr Twit and his horrifically dirty face fungus but are beards really unhygienic? We’ve been asking visitors to the exhibition to answer this question and it seems that the … Read More

Making Santa’s beard

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Christmas may be slowly fading into distant memory now that the mince pies and turkey leftovers have finally been digested, but before we move on from St Nicholas to St Valentine there’s one yuletide event to reflect on. Just before … Read More

Bluebeard: the panto

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Last week saw two evening openings for performances of our hirsute panto Bluebeard, bringing the bright lights of the stage to the museum world. Audience members were given a party popper and songsheet as they entered the gallery and were … Read More

Why does Santa have a beard?

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Whilst commenting on the trustworthiness of beards, many of our visitors have remarked that “you can trust Santa and he has a beard”. Santa’s beard, is arguably the most renowned facial fluff out there. Nowadays Father Christmas and Santa Claus … Read More

Can you trust a bearded man?

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Trust trʌst/noun firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Trust, is often a difficult concept. How do you know who you can trust? Can you tell based on outward appearance? For instance, can you trust … Read More

Why do men have beards?

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One of the main questions we are asking visitors about is the reasoning behind growing or keeping a beard. In the nineteenth century a myriad of motivations were given, many of them medical, in order to encourage an adorned chin. As … Read More

Object of the month

This week’s mystery object from the museum’s collection store is Florence Nightingale’s foot warmer. Upon her return from the Crimea, Nightingale suffered from brucellosis, commonly known as ‘Crimean fever’. Brucellosis is a highly contagious disease caused by ingestion of unsterilized … Read More

95% nurse

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When visitors arrive at the Florence Nightingale Museum they quickly identify themselves as a part of Florence Nightingale’s legacy. This is how we can state with such confidence that our visitors are 95% nurse. An impressive figure that does exclude … Read More

October half-term: Hijinks and Horrors!

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At Florence Nightingale Museum, we had a fantastic half term week, with different activities each day. All week, families successfully completed our activity trail, exploring the life of Florence Nightingale and our special half term “Rat Quiz”, exploring the gruesome … Read More