Museum Poetry: 13th August 1910

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In the museum there’s a recording of Florence Nightingale’s voice.  A recording made on 30th July 1890, 127 years ago.  In a high-pitched voice, Florence says: ‘When I am no longer even a memory, just a name, I hope my … Read More

Museum Poetry: Mother Seacole

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This week my poem is about Mary Jane Grant, more famously known as Mary Seacole.  It’s to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the unveiling of the Mary Seacole statue situated at the front of St Thomas Hospital.  She will forever … Read More

Museum Poetry: Lady with the Lamp

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On 24th February 1855, the Illustrated London News, published a picture of Florence Nightingale as the Lady with the Lamp.  According to Mark Bostridge, in his detailed biography of Florence Nightingale, it was either the work of J.A Crowe or … Read More

Museum Poetry: Dorothea Dix

I’m currently reading the Mark Bostridge biography of Florence Nightingale.  It’s dense and rich in detail, the research and writing is excellent.  I was reading it on the bus this morning and my head was in Victorian London, 1859,  Florence … Read More

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