A Call to be Changed

Florence Nightingale and the Meaning of Vocation

Florence Nightingale is famous for establishing the modern nursing profession. But Bishop Sarah Mullally, who trained as a nurse at The Nightingale School of Nursing, says there is much more to her than that and that it is time to appreciate her as a significant theologian, pioneering statistician, and a profound and questioning disciple and contemplative.

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of her birth, Bishop Sarah will explore Florence Nightingale’s two-fold sense of vocation: to nursing and to her Christian faith. She will also explore how these two aspects have formed part of her own vocation and journey of faith, as both nurse and priest. In turn, she will invite us to ask ourselves: how should I discern and respond to God’s calling in my own life?

This event takes place at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

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  • A Call to Change
    Florence Nightingale and the Meaning of Vocation
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    St Paul’s Cathedral
    London EC4M 8AD

    Thursday 28 May, 2020
    18.30 – 20.00