Museum Poetry: Half Term

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This week, it’s half-term at the museum and we’ve been busy with families visiting.  I’ve been enchanted by many small faces and their enthusiasm to learn about Florence Nightingale.  It took me back to my childhood and my first trip … Read More

How Clean is Your Beard?

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  We’re all familiar with Roald Dahl’s famous grizzly depiction of Mr Twit and his horrifically dirty face fungus but are beards really unhygienic? We’ve been asking visitors to the exhibition to answer this question and it seems that the … Read More

Museum Poetry: Crimea painting

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This week, inspired by the Crimea section of the museum, instead of writing a poem, I’ve been looking at a painting by Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler.  The painting is, ‘Calling the roll call after an engagement, Crimea’ (also known … Read More