How Clean is Your Beard?

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We’re all familiar with Roald Dahl’s famous grizzly depiction of Mr Twit and his horrifically dirty face fungus but are beards really unhygienic? We’ve been asking visitors to the exhibition to answer this question and it seems that the answer is VERY CLEAN, just so long as the person who’s face they sprout from:


Has washed today…

beard wash

“No, they are showered and washed with the rest of the person daily (hopefully!)”


“Only when one has been camping in the mountains for a few days”


Hasn’t eaten recently…

beard food

“They can be, no more soups or finger foods. Keeping it clean can be a challenge”


“Only when slurping soup”


“Yes: last night’s dinner”


Has a respectable profession…

doctor beard

“With proper hygiene/care no. Doctors have beards.”


“I worry about chefs with beards, i.e. the recent series of Masterchef!”



beard birds


…Doesn’t frequent woodland or fielded areas

“Only when birds and mice live in them”

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