Making Santa’s beard

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Christmas may be slowly fading into distant memory now that the mince pies and turkey leftovers have finally been digested, but before we move on from St Nicholas to St Valentine there’s one yuletide event to reflect on.

Just before Christmas we hosted a family workshop to get everyone into the festive spirit and celebrate the most persistent of all facial hair: Santa’s beard.

We had glue sticks, paper plates and cotton wool at the ready as we welcomed children and parents alike into Florence’s grotto for some hirsute arts and crafts.



The children were encouraged to make their very own Santa’s beard mask using the template we gave them, a bit of glue and a lot of cotton wool.

While she was busily concentrating on bristle placement I asked one girl “What do you think of Santa’s beard?” to which she paused thoughtfully and then replied “its very bushy” – before proceeding to glue the world’s existing supply of cotton wool onto the beard template.



The kids didn’t seem overly interested in whether Santa should or should not have a beard, or what he would be like without one – it was just something that he DID have, as much a part of him as his red cheeks or black shiny boots.

One boy pointed out that our original template design had neglected to include a moustache and that it “looked funny without one”. He created an ingenious hairy bridge out of a second paper plate which everyone soon took inspiration from. I don’t think he would have been much of a fan of the Victorian ‘chin strap’ beard trend!
It wasn’t just the children showing their creativity, one dad unravelled the cotton wool and created a long wizard-style beard for his Santa baby.
All in all much fun was had and we proved that even Santa’s beard can come in all shapes and sizes.

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