Summer family events at Florence Nightingale Museum

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Here at the museum, we spent the morning painting a giant map of Neverland, to be added to by our lovely visitors over the summer. It was a test of the learning team’s painting skills and luckily, we didn’t manage to cover ourselves in paint! Our summer exhibition, Take me to Neverland: Peter Pan from Play to Book and Beyond, has given us a great opportunity to plan lots of creative and fun events at the museum this summer and bring in some very special people to help us.


We start off the summer with the opportunity to meet Geraldine McCaughrean, the author of the official sequel to Peter Pan. Peter Pan in Scarlet takes place years after the original story, the lost boys and Wendy have now all grown up but are drawn back to Neverland and Peter Pan. On 4th August, Geraldine will be explaining how she came to write the book, how she continued Peter’s adventures and will also be involving the audience in some story-making games.

Geraldine McCaughrean, author of Peter Pan in Scarlet

“All over London and even as far as Fotheringdene and Grimswater, old boys were dreaming the same kind of dreams… each night they dreamed of Neverland and woke to find leftovers in their beds- daggers or coils of ropes, a pile of leaves or a hook.” Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean.


On 10th August, we’ll be launching the Neverland Map (and revealing our painting skills to the world!). By the end of the summer we hope it will be filled with fairies, lost boys, pirates and other inhabitants of Neverland. On 17th August, we are making Peter Pan board games, inspired by the beautiful 1980s game you can see in the exhibition.

Family Activity Peter Pan Game

“Peter approaches the pirate with his sword drawn. The pirate fights bravely but is no match for Peter tonight. The pirate falls with one mighty blow. (Remove pirate from map, gap now open)” Peter Pan Game c.1989


In the last week of the holidays we have two dramatic storytelling sessions. Professional Storyteller Vanessa Woolf will be visiting the museum with her swashbuckling seafaring stories and we’ll be getting creative with some magic carpet arts and crafts on 23rd August. Finally, on Wednesday 24th August, we’ll be hosting three performances by a wonderful actress in the role of Mary Seacole, who will tell the story of Mrs Seacole’s life and work in the Crimean War in an interactive performance.

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