Find out about the Spanish Flu and join us for a day time talk by author Catharine Arnold

Pandemic 1918
Spanish Flu was the most devastating pandemic in world history, killing up to 100 million people worldwide. Pandemic 1918 traces the course of the deadly virus, its origins and progress across the globe.  
As doctors were left powerless against this common enemy, with no obvious cure in sight, nursing staff played an increasingly vital role in caring for the victims of Spanish flu. Many sacrified their own lives in the process, but their incalculable contribution did much to advance the role of nursing as a profession in the years that followed the First World War. In this talk, Catharine Arnold presents the personal testimonies of many nurses, civilian and military, and their vivid experiences of what it was like to work in hospitals overrun by Spanish flu. 

When? 11 October at 14.30

Where? Florence Nightingale Museum

No booking required

Free with admission